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when the wolf comes through your door  
10:15am 23/08/2007
hello lj. Or should I say, hello 2 people that read this including myself in the future. I am (still) in french polynesia, but things are winding down now and I'm excited to go home. It has been an awesome summer, and I think I've gotten exactly what I've expected from this summer. What I wanted most was a chance to forget about classes and books and grades and work and all the bullshit in santa barbara and do something completely different. I have had a lot of fun and learned a lot working with so many different people. I think I am starting to actually comprehend what a large amount of work grad school is going to be, and now I think I *might* actually be able to do it. I still have no idea what I'd want to do for a masters/PhD, but at least I've met a lot of people who can actually help me figure that shit out. Yeah. Also, this summer was a nice break from responsibilities and people. I mean, I had responsibilities here, but nowhere near as many, so I could actually focus on myself for a change, instead of worrying about who I had to impress to get here, etc. It was also nice to be away from the whole santa barbara mentality. Whenever I'm there, I always feel rushed and stressed out, even when there isn't anything to be stressed about! Mostly it is just restlessness I think. I also can't wait to see my friends!! Ideally, I'd want to come home on aug 31, chill in sd until the 12th or so, fly up to the bay area to visit santa cruz/sf, then come down around the 20th to move up to sb! Yeah, that sounds good to me, but we shall see if it works. I'm so glad I have another month before school starts! Fuck school! No, I'm kidding. This is going to be a good quarter...I think my classes will be challenging, but fun! I know at least one of them has a field trip to Monterey, yay. Okay I've kinda lost my momentum writing this shit, so maybe I will continue later...or not.
mood: hothot
music: who's afraid of the big bad wolf- disney
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07:25am 13/09/2007 (UTC)
Hi Sammy!

ahaha that's so awesome! Yeah when I called home the other night my mom was like you'll never believe who I saw! She was so excited about it! haha. She thinks you got chosen for the trial, is that true? She was dismissed. But that's so funny =D It's nice to hear from you! It sounds like you had a great summer and I wish that I could have seen you! Did your school start yet?

Take care!
Joleine =D
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