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dude I seriously thought everything would be upside down here  
08:41am 01/07/2007
Greetings from Moorea!!

I thought it would be nice to start actually updating this journal again, now that I am actually doing stuff and going places. So for those of you who somehow don't know, or are otherwise out of the loop, I am currently in Moorea, which is an island in French Polynesia next to Tahiti. I'm gonna be here until August 30th...woo! It's not really a vacation (although I consider anyplace not San Diego or Santa Barbara a vacation) because I'm working on my senior honors thesis research project and assisting a grad student. Yeah..so now you know!

Life has been pretty weird here...the latest I've gone to bed here is 2345 (and it felt SOO MUCH LATER than that) and the latest I've woken up is 0730 (haha I actually use 24hr time here...trying to practice!!). Most of the time I wake up around 630 because that's when the sun comes up and go to bed at like 9 because the days are sooo looong and tiring. A couple of days ago we spent the entire day carrying, washing, and chiseling cinder blocks. ALL DAY!! And then the day before that we reorganized this tool shed thing and carried around these sharp metal cages and fucking cinder blocks with coral stuck to them...haha. While I wait for Nichole to get here, I'm pretty much gonna be bitchin' around and helping everyone who needs it.

But I have gotten to make a few dives and snorkeling! My first day I went snorkeling at this resort to take some pictures with Jenn and Gerick and it was so wonderful!! My first snorkel ever! I did get an urchin spine in my hand and some random coral cuts. It sucks because if you get cuts here, it has a really high chance of getting infected because we are in the water so much and that inhibits healing. This one guy Adrian got a staff infection in his hand and leg, and he had to go get surgery in Tahiti, and now he has a drain in his hand...suuucks. So I'm really careful about my cuts cuz I don't want any fucking infections!! I do have like 600 mosquito bites, and I must be allergic to their spit or something because they swell up so fcking huge and turn purple and red....ew. My legs look like some shit from a movie or something...for some reason I think of Predator, even though I'm sure he had nice legs. ;)

Oh yeah, I also went diving with my professor and some of his friends to go look at sites in the lagoon, and I got to go out to the pass, which has a lot of really cool diving because there's so much biodiversity. For those who don't know, Moorea is a sinking volcanic island, and as it sinks over time a lagoon is formed between the island and the open ocean. Right now the lagoon is around 15 ft deep, and that's where we usually dive. However, the passes are where the bays connect to the ocean, and that can be about 120 ft deep. So when I went out to the pass, we had to stay above 30 feet (because that's my max cert. depth for scientific diving) but it was so awesome. I wish I had an underwater camera so I could get some pictures, but I know people who do so I'm gonna try to get them to dive with me so I can post pictures on facebook :)

Oh yeah, another funny story..Thursday night we all went out to this bar/restaurant thing called Maria Tapas and we went in this big group...all the ucsb undergrads (Jenn, Thomas, Spenser, Stephanie, and me), Gerick, and then these grad students from CSUN and Long Beach. It was really fun - we went to go see some guy named Bubba play guitar and do covers. He was pretty good, but his guitarist looked like the bad guy from Kindergarten Cop..hahaha. So at some point, after a couple beers (really expensive ones!! like 1000 cpf/$10 a bottle, but that's because I only really like the dark stuff), this old Tahitian guy comes over (I think his name was Willie) and asks Jenn to dance. I just laugh and watch and take pictures and stuff, but then he comes over and asks me to dance too. Everyone's laughing really hard and taking pictures...which upon later examination i find that the old dude TOTALLY copped a feel! Bastard! hahaha! After that, I sat down and drank some more, got serenaded in Tahitian by Willie, and drank some more..haha. At some point, we were all thinking about leaving, when this really really tatooed guy came over and said to me "This is Serge...and he loves you!!" I was like oh, god who's Serge! And it was this french guy...he was kinda old, but not terrible looking! He asked me to dance, and then put on some music so we could merengue (sp?) and I was like UUUHHH I CAN'T DANCE and everyone was laughing really hard and taking tons of pictures but I guess it was fun! And that is my story.

Okay, my 2 hour morning break is almost over, so that's all for now!
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music: what a fool believes- the doobie brothers
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