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stop the presses! who is that?  
08:14am 05/06/2007
I'm....happy. Woah! What a difference it makes to get 9hrs of sleep and wake up to beautiful sunny skies. I think the reason I get so upset and depressed is because I waste so much fucking time when I could be getting shit done! So, after discussing this problem with my dear friends (v-ron, martin, hannah), I think I can really make progress in improving my general mental health. I'm going to be more active and get my shit together (it's not that hard, and it makes me feel good!), eat better and just generally take care of myself, and HANG OUT WITH MY FRIENDS!! I miss them!

Okay, I'm gonna go for a run now, and then I have to do a bunch of shit today (work in lab, tours for kids, art class, buy scuba gear, etc.). I hope everyone has a nice day today, and my good mood actually lasts!

10 days until I'm back in sd!
17 days until I'm heading off to Moorea for the summer! :)
mood: contentcontent
music: wah-wah- george harrison
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